California Fuel Trip Permit for IFTA and Interstate User Diesel Fuel

California Fuel Trip Permit (CFTP)

A CFTP allows:

  • Out-of-state registered owners to enter and travel into California for four consecutive days without obtaining a license for fuel tax purposes, and
  • California registered carriers to re-enter California after traveling out of state if they are unlicensed for fuel tax purposes.

A CFTP is issued for specific dates, for up to four consecutive days. It is not valid before or after the dates specified. There is a $30 fee for each CFTP.

You must purchase a CFTP for each qualified motor vehicle, and complete it prior to entering California.

Purchasing California Fuel Trip Permits

You may purchase a California Fuel Trip Permit (CFTP):

  • Using our online services webpage.
  • In person, by visiting our Motor Carrier Office or any CDTFA office.
  • From most DMV offices throughout California. For more information, please contact your local DMV office directly for locations offering these permits.

Trip Permit Option (No IFTA)

If you qualify for an IFTA license but do not participate in the IFTA program, you are required to obtain a fuel trip permit to travel into or through each IFTA member jurisdiction, including California.

For example, if you are a California-based carrier, not licensed under IFTA, and you traveled into Nevada (an IFTA jurisdiction), you must purchase a Nevada fuel trip permit for entry into and travel within that state. When you return to California, you must purchase a California Fuel Trip Permit before you re-enter California.

Trip Permit Option (No Interstate User Diesel Fuel Tax License)

If you qualify for an Interstate User Diesel Fuel Tax License but choose not to register, you must obtain a fuel trip permit every time you re-enter California after traveling outside California.

Other Jurisdiction Fuel Trip Permits (No IFTA)

Each jurisdiction regulates the cost and availability of its own fuel trip permits. You should contact other jurisdictions directly for fuel trip permit information. Many jurisdictions allow some truck stops and commercial permit services to sell their fuel trip permits.

Failure to Operate with an IFTA License, Interstate User Diesel Fuel Tax License, or Fuel Trip Permit

If you operate a qualified motor vehicle in California in interstate commerce without first obtaining an IFTA license, Interstate User Fuel Tax License, or a CFTP, we will assess you a penalty. The penalty amounts range from: $100 to $500.

If you owe fuel tax, the penalty may be higher: $500 or 25 percent of the tax due, whichever is more. In addition, we may seize your vehicle. We will not release it until you pay us all the tax, penalty, interest, and costs associated with the seizure and storage of the vehicle.