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CDTFA has a wide variety of instructional videos to help you understand our tax programs and reporting requirements.

Our English-language videos are listed below. You can also translate each video's captions into a wide variety of languages using YouTube's video caption auto-translate tool. For more information, please see Video Translation Instructions.


Sales and Use Tax

Alcoholic Beverage Tax

California Electronic Cigarette Excise Tax (CECET)

California Tire Fee

Cannabis Retailer Excise Tax

Cigarette and Tobacco Products Tax

Covered Electronic Waste Recycling Fee

Emergency Telephone User (911) Surcharge

Energy Resources (Electrical Energy Surcharge)

Fuel Tax

Hazardous Substances (Waste) Fees

Integrated Waste Management Fee

International Fuel Tax Agreement

Lead Acid Battery Fee

Lithium Extraction Excise Tax

Natural Gas Surcharge

Occupational Lead Poisoning Prevention Fee

Use Fuel Tax

Timber Tax

Underground Storage Tank Maintenance Fee

Logging In

Marine Invasive Species (Ballast Water) Fee


Hazardous Waste Facility, Hazardous Waste Generation and Handling, and Marine Invasive Species (Ballast Water) Fees

Payment Plans


Online Services Overview

Request Relief

Claim for Refund