Notices and Agendas


GOVERNANCE MEETING* (convenes at 1:30 p.m.)

Streamlined Sales Tax Project
Board of Governance Meeting
450 N Street, Room 121, Sacramento
Notice and Agenda

Senate Bill 157 (Chapter 702, 2003) created a Board of Governance and directs the Board of Governance to represent California as a voting member of the Streamlined Sales Tax Project (SSTP). The SSTP is an effort created by state governments, with input from local governments and the private sector, to simplify and modernize sales and use tax collection and administration.

    • Revenue and Taxation Code section 6027(c) requires the Board of Governance to report quarterly to the Assembly and Senate Revenue and Taxation Committees.
    • Revenue and Taxation Code section 6027(b) provides that the board shall vote on behalf of this state and shall represent the position of this state in all matters relating to the adoption of or amendments to the agreement.
  • In general
  • State of Ohio Proposal (Destination sourcing for retail merchants with low shipping sales; Proposed Section 330, Transition Period)

If you have any questions regarding items on this Notice and Agenda, please contact Larry Bergkamp, Sales and Use Tax Department, at 450 N Street (P.O. Box 942879), Sacramento, CA 94279-0044, (916) 324-2927 or e-mail:

  • Public comment on any agenda item will be accepted at that meeting.

Agenda items occur sequentially. When circumstances warrant, the Chairman may modify the order of items as they appear on the agenda. The meeting location is accessible to the disabled. If you require special assistance, please contact Gary Evans at (916) 445-4394, or e-mail, to make special arrangements.