Status of Proposed Rules and Regulations


The Department of Tax and Fee Administration adds, amends and repeals regulations to conform to statutory requirements or to implement, interpret or make specific statutes, court decisions, or case law. The following-listed regulations are currently in the process of being added, amended, or repealed.

For questions regarding these regulations you may call, fax or e-mail:

Main Contact: Kim DeArte, Regulations Coordinator, at 916-309-5227 or

Reg. No. Title Public Hearing Current Status
3210, 3220, 3230, 3240 Lead Acid Battery Fees 4/3/24 — Approved by the Office of Administrative Law
3802 Gross Receipts from Sales of Cannabis and Cannabis Products 12/15/2023 — Approved by the Office of Administrative Law


Sales and Use Taxes

Special Taxes