Mamba Headshop, dba: Mamba Headshop



TO ALL INTERESTED PARTIES: Any person having any right, title, or interest in the following property, may, within twenty (20) days from the date of publication of this notice, file a verified petition stating his or her interest in the property, and requesting the release or recovery on the grounds that the property was erroneously or illegally seized. The verified petition requesting release or recovery of the property must be filed with the Tax Investigations & Inspections Bureau; California Department of Tax and Fee Administration, PO Box 942879; MIC: 100, Sacramento, CA 94279-0100.

The property consists of: 55 each, Puff Xtra Disposable Device (5%/5ml); 116 each, Puff Extra Limited Disposable Device (5%/8ml); 109 each, Pod Mesh Disposable Device (5.5%/10ml); 91 each, Flum Float Disposable Device (5%/8ml); 33 each, Flum Gio Disposable Device (5%/8ml); 7 each, Big Boy Disposable Device (6%/10ml); 52 each, Flum Mi Disposable Device (5%/2.5ml); 120 each, Hyppe Max Flow Disposable Device (5%/6ml); 35 each, Hyppe Max Flow Disposable Device (5%/5.5ml); 13 each, Hyppe Max Flow Disposable Device (5%/8ml); 27 each, Hyppe Bar Disposable Device (5%/1.3ml); 56 each, Backwoods Cigars (5 each); 42 each, Puff Plus Disposable Device (5%/3.2ml); 37 each, Tobo Disposable Device (5%/6.5ml); 62 each, Breeze Smoke Disposable Device (5%/3.5ml); 1 each, Lucid Flow Disposable Device (5%/16ml); 17 each, Juul Pods (5%/4pods); 11 each, Juul Pods (3%/4pods); 6 each, Juul Pods (5%/2pods); 94 each, Vape Nunu Disposable Device (4%/6.5ml); 50 each, Nunu Colours Disposable Device (5%/9ml); 12 each, Al-Waha Tobacco (200g); 22 each, Starbuzz Tobacco (250g); 105 each, Al Fakher Tobacco (250g); 13 each, Al Fakher Tobacco (50g); 86 each, Floom Disposable Device (5%/10ml); 16 each, Salt nkd Juice (30ml/50mg); 12 each, Salt nkd Juice (30ml/35mg); 9 each, Coastal Clouds Juice (30ml/3.5%/35mg); 11 each, Coastal Clouds Juice (30ml/5%/50mg); 24 each, Coastal Clouds Juice (60ml/.6%/6mg); 13 each, Coastal Clouds Juice (60ml/.3%/3mg); 10 each, Reds Juice (60ml/6mg); 56 each, Daze Disposable Device (5%/7ml); 6 each, Candy King Juice (3mg/120ml); 4 each, Candy King Juice (6mg/120ml); 4 each, Juice Head (6mg/100ml); 2 each, Juice Head (3mg/100ml); 16 each, Vape with a bang Disposable Device (6%/7ml); 2 each, Air Bar Max Disposable Device (5%/6.5ml); 4 each, BLNG Disposable Device (5%/9ml); 119 each, Pod Juice (30ml/35mg); 101 each, Pod Juice (30ml/55mg); 227 each, Fumari Tobacco (100g); 7 each, Reds Juice (60ml/3mg); untaxed tobacco products; 22 each, Packwoods (.07oz), untaxed/unsecured packaging of cannabis or cannabis products. This property was seized pursuant to: Business and Professions Code section 22974.3 and Revenue and Taxation Code section 34016, on April 12, 2022, at 1:00 p.m. from Mamba Headshop, dba: Mamba Headshop, located at 3224 Grand Ave., Oakland, CA 94610-2739.