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Business Taxes Law Guide—Revision 2024

Underground Storage Tank Maintenance Fee Law

Health and Safety Code

Division 20. Miscellaneous Health and Safety Provisions
Chapter 6.75. Petroleum Underground Storage Tank Cleanup

Article 6. Underground Storage Tank Cleanup Fund

Section 25299.55

25299.55. Corrective action; forms and procedures for claims. The board shall prescribe appropriate forms and procedures for claims filed pursuant to Section 25299.54 that shall include, at a minimum, all of the following:

(a) A provision requiring the claimant to make a sworn verification of the claim to the best of the claimant's knowledge.

(b) A full description, supported by appropriate evidence from government agencies, of the unauthorized release of petroleum into the environment from an underground storage tank claimed to be the subject of the third-party judgment specified in Section 25299.58 or the corrective action performed pursuant to Section 25296.10.

(c) Certification by the claimant of all costs that have been, or will be, incurred in undertaking corrective action after January 1, 1988.