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Underground Storage Tank Maintenance Fee Law

Health and Safety Code

Division 20. Miscellaneous Health and Safety Provisions
Chapter 6.75. Petroleum Underground Storage Tank Cleanup

Article 1. Findings and Declarations

Section 25299.10

25299.10. Findings and declarations. (a) This chapter shall be known, and may be cited, as the Barry Keene Underground Storage Tank Cleanup Trust Fund Act of 1989.

(b) The Legislature hereby finds and declares all of the following:

(1) In order to help ensure an efficient petroleum underground storage tank cleanup program that adequately protects public health and safety and the environment and provides for the rapid distribution of cleanup funds that will assist the state's recovery, it is in the best interest of the public that the board devote maximum effort to the expedited processing and payment of all claims filed pursuant to Sections 25299.57 and 25299.58.

(2) It is estimated that approximately 90 percent of the underground storage tanks in the state contain petroleum and the remaining 10 percent of the tanks contain various chemical constituents.

(3) Although the exact extent of the problem is unknown, it is thought that a significant number of the underground storage tanks containing petroleum in the state may be leaking.

(4) In recent years, owners or operators of underground storage tanks have been unable to obtain affordable environmental impairment liability insurance coverage to pay for corrective action or the obtainable coverage has been outside their financial means.

(5) There are long-term threats to public health and water quality if a comprehensive, uniform, and efficient corrective action program is not established.

(6) It is in the best interest of the health and safety of the people of the state to establish a fund to pay for corrective action where coverage is not available.

(7) A uniform, comprehensive, and efficient program establishing financial responsibility and corrective action requirements for leaking underground storage tanks containing petroleum will enable private commercial insurers to expand the availability and affordability of insurance coverage.

(8) An efficient program of establishing corrective action requirements and funds or insurance coverage should encourage corrective action to be taken in the first instance by the owner or operator of the leaking underground storage tank containing petroleum.

(9) Subchapter IX (commencing with Section 6991) of Chapter 82 of Title 42 of the United States Code provides for regulation of underground storage tanks and allows underground storage tanks to be regulated pursuant to a state program, in lieu of a federal program, in states which are authorized to implement these provisions.

(10) It is in the interest of the people of the state, in order to avoid direct regulation by the federal government of persons already subject to regulation under state law pursuant to Chapter 6.7 (commencing with Section 25280), to authorize the state to implement the provisions of Subchapter IX (commencing with Section 6991) of Chapter 82 of Title 42 of the United States Code, including any acts amending or supplementing Subchapter IX and any federal regulations and guidelines adopted pursuant to Subchapter IX.

(11) It is in the public interest for the state to provide financial assistance to small businesses and farms which have limited financial resources, to ensure timely compliance with the law governing underground storage tanks, and to ensure the adequate protection of groundwater.

(12) Nothing in this chapter shall be construed as waiving any immunity provided the state or its departments and agencies by the United States Constitution.