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Business Taxes Law Guide – Revision 2024


Government Code

Title 5. Local Agencies
Division 1. Cities and Counties
Part 1. Powers and Duties Common to Cities and Counties
Chapter 6.7. Timberland

Article 2. Timberland Production Zones

Section 51110.3

51110.3. Petition by landowner regarding timber production zoning. In the event that a landowner does not receive notice pursuant to subdivision (b) of Section 51110.1, such owner may prior to January 1, 1978, petition directly to the board or council to have a parcel owned by such person included on list "B." Such owner must be able to demonstrate that on each such parcel a plan for forest management has been prepared, or approved as to content, by a registered professional forester prior to October 15, 1977. Such plan shall provide for the harvest of timber within a reasonable period of time, as determined by the preparer of the plan.

In the event that the board or council finds that the parcel does in fact have plans for forest management signed by a registered professional forester prior to October 15, 1977, the board or council shall include the parcel listed in the petition on list "B" without respect to acreage or size and shall consider these parcels under subdivision (c) of Section 51112.

History—Added by Stats. 1977, Ch. 853.