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Business Taxes Law Guide – Revision 2021

Integrated Waste Management Fee Law

Public Resources Code

Part 4. Solid Waste Facilities

Chapter 3. Permit and Inspection Program

Article 1. Solid Waste Facility Permits

Section 44002

44002. Operation of a solid waste facility. (a) (1) No person shall operate a solid waste facility without a solid waste facilities permit if that facility is required to have a permit pursuant to this division.

(2) The prohibition specified in paragraph (1) includes, but is not limited to, the operation of a solid waste facility without a required solid waste facilities permit or the operation of a solid waste faciliity outside the permitted boundaries specified in a solid waste facilities permit.

(b) If the enforcement agency determines that a person is operating a solid waste facility in violation of subdivision (a), the enforcement agency shall immediately issue a cease and desist order pursuant to Section 45005 ordering the facility to immediately cease all activities for which a solid waste facilities permit is required and desist from those activities until the person obtains a valid solid waste facilities permit authorizing the activities or has obtained other authorization pursuant to this division.