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Business Taxes Law Guide – Revision 2021

Hazardous Substances Tax Law


Article 1. Returns and Payments

Section 43152.15

43152.15. Prepayment of consolidated fees. (a) In addition to the requirements imposed pursuant to Sections 43152.7 and 43152.11, every generator subject to the fees specified in Sections 25205.5 and 25205.9 of the Health and Safety Code shall make a prepayment of the fee by site to the board which is due and payable on or before the last day of August of each calendar year. The prepayment shall be accompanied by a prepayment return in a form prescribed by the board.

(b) For purposes of subdivision (a), the amount of the prepayment shall be not less than either of the following:

(1) One hundred percent of the applicable fee imposed on the generator, based on the generator's fee category as specified in Section 25205.5 of the Health and Safety Code for the total volume of hazardous waste generated by site during the period January 1 to June 30, inclusive, of the current calendar year in which the prepayment is due. The prepayment may be offset by fees paid by the generator for a local hazardous waste management program conducted by a local agency pursuant to a memorandum of understanding with the department which includes the following:

(A) The local fees are paid for the current calendar year for which the prepayment is due or the local fees are paid for the preceding calendar year, if fees have not been paid for the current year.

(B) The offset is subject to the limitations and requirements specified in subdivision (c) of Section 43152.7.

(2) Fifty percent of the generator fee liability paid to the board by site for the preceding calendar year provided the generator paid a generator fee liability to the board for the preceding calendar year for that site.

(c) The board shall credit the amount of the prepayment against the amount of the fee due and payable for the calendar year in which the prepayment is due.

(d) Notwithstanding any other provision in this section, the prepayment of a generator fee shall not be required for any amount due that is less than five hundred dollars ($500), or for any other amount due if the board determines that prepayment is not in the best economic interest of the program.

(e) Any person required to make a prepayment pursuant to this section who fails to make a prepayment by the due date specified in subdivision (a) shall also pay penalties and interest in accordance with Section 43155.

History.—Added by Stats. 1995, Ch. 637, effective January 1, 1996. Stats. 1996, Ch. 226, in effect July 22, 1996, added subdivision (d) and relettered former subdivision (d) as (e). Stats. 2000, Ch. 923 (AB 2894), effective January 1, 2001, substituted "Section 43155" for "Sections 43155 and 43156" after "in accordance with" of subdivision (e).