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Business Taxes Law Guide – Revision 2023

Emergency Telephone Users Surcharge Annotations

Deleted Annotations

Annotation Heading/TitleEdition
Billing Agent 2/24/89M98–1
Billing Service Company 8/31/882003–1
California Public Utilities Commission Mandated Charges 1/8/102012–1
Debit Cards 6/05/972003–1
Debit Cards 5/21/972003–1
Multiple Service Suppliers 10/23/90M98–1
Multiple Service Supplier—Collection by Service Supplier 4/10/92M98–1
Nonregulated Entity 2/15/912003–1
Packet-Switching Network 6/27/882003–1
Private Communication Service 9/08/922003–1
Proration of Access Charges 1/16/922003–1
Proration of Flat Rate Service Charge 12/28/932011–4
PUC Fee 6/17/912011–4
Roaming Charges 7/6/91M98–1
Service Supplier—Cellular Telephone Service 10/23/902003–1
Service Supplier—Cellular Telephone Service—Out-Collect Revenues 6/3/982010–1
Subscription Fees 10/09/922011–4
Universal Telephone Service Surcharge 4/20/882011–4