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Business Taxes Law Guide—Revision 2024

Covered Electronic Waste Recycling Fee

Public Resources Code

Division 30. Waste Management
Part 3. State Programs
Chapter 8.5. Electronic Waste Recycling
Article 3. Covered Electronic Waste Recycling Fees and Covered Battery-Embedded Waste Recycling Fees

Section 42464.3

42464.3. Information sharing. CalRecycle and DTSC may share information provided pursuant to this article with CDTFA, upon request, as necessary to administer and enforce the covered electronic waste recycling fee and covered battery-embedded waste recycling fee imposed under this article.

History—Added by Stats. 2022, Ch. 370 (SB 1215), in effect January 1, 2023. Stats. 2023, Ch. 848 (AB 1526), in effect January 1, 2024, added "and covered battery-embedded waste recycling fee" before "imposed".