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Business Taxes Law Guide – Revision 2021

Diesel Fuel Tax Law


Article 1. Administration

Section 60605

60605. Information to retain. (a) Each terminal operator shall keep the following information with respect to each rack removal of diesel fuel at each terminal it operates:

(1) The bill of lading or other shipping document.

(2) The record of whether the diesel fuel was dyed in accordance with the United States Environmental Protection Agency or Internal Revenue Service requirements.

(3) The volume and date of the removal.

(4) The identity of the position holder or position holder's customer.

(5) The identity of the person, such as a common carrier, that physically received the fuel.

(6) Any other information required by the Internal Revenue Service pursuant to Section 48.4101-1 of Title 26 of the Code of Federal Regulations.

(b) The terminal operator shall maintain the information described in this section at the terminal from which the removal occurred for at least three months after the removal to which it relates. Thereafter, the terminal operator shall retain the information at a location controlled by the terminal operator for at least four more years.

History—Stats. 2001, Ch. 429 (AB 309), in effect January 1, 2002, added paragraph (5) to subdivision (a) and renumbered former paragraph (5) as (6), and added the second sentence to subdivision (b).