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Business Taxes Law Guide – Revision 2024

Cigarette and Tobacco Products Licensing Act


Business and Professions Code

Division 8.6. Cigarette and Tobacco Products Licensing Act of 2003

Chapter 4. License and Administration Fee for Manufacturers and Importers

Section 22979.22

22979.22. Application for tobacco products manufacturer and importer license. (a) An application for a license by a manufacturer or by an importer of tobacco products shall be on a form prescribed by the board and shall include the following:

(1) The name, address, and telephone number of the applicant. For applicants whose corporate offices are at a separate location, the business name, address, and telephone number of the corporate office. Citations issued to licensees shall be forwarded to all addressees on the license.

(2) If any other licenses have been issued by the board to the applicant, the license or permit numbers for each license or permit then in effect.

(3) A statement by the applicant affirming that the applicant has not been convicted of a felony and has not violated and will not violate or cause or permit to be violated any of the provisions of this division or any rule of the board applicable to the applicant or pertaining to the manufacture, sale, or distribution of cigarettes or tobacco products. If the applicant is unable to affirm this statement, the application shall contain a statement by the applicant of the nature of any violation or the reasons that will prevent the applicant from complying with the requirements with respect to the statement.

(4) A statement by the applicant that the contents of the application are complete, true, and correct. Any person who signs a statement pursuant to this subdivision that asserts the truth of any material matter that he or she knows to be false is guilty of a misdemeanor punishable by imprisonment of up to one year in the county jail, or a fine of not more than one thousand dollars ($1,000), or both imprisonment and fine.

(5) Signature of the applicant.

(6) The name, address, and telephone number of the person designated by the manufacturer or the importer as its agent for receipt of service of process in this state.

(7) Any other information the board may require.

(b) The board may investigate to determine the truthfulness and completeness of the information provided in the application.

(c) The board shall provide electronic means for applicants to download and submit applications.

History—Added by Stats. 2006, Ch. 501 (AB 1749), in effect January 1, 2007, but operative May 1, 2007.