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495.0000 Sale

Annotation 495.0848

(e) Retail Sale or Sale for Resale—Delivery by Owner, Former Owner, Factor or Agent

495.0848 Delivery by Licensed Firearm Dealer. A California resident purchased a firearm from an out-of-state retailer who is not engaged in business in California. The California customer contacts a licensed California firearm dealer and states that he paid money to an out-of-state dealer and wishes for the dealer to have the firearm shipped to the dealer's place of business and legally transfer the firearm to him. The dealer contacts the out-of-state seller and arranges to have the firearm sent to him. Upon receipt of the firearm (prepaid by the customer), the dealer logs the firearm into his Federal Acquisition/Disposition books. The customer then fills out the State Department of Justice Firearms Dealer Record of Sale. The dealer collects the state fee of $14.00 plus a $16.00 charge to cover the dealer's expenses.

When a licensed California firearm dealer completes the registration paperwork and delivers a firearm to a California purchaser for an out-of-state retailer not registered with the Board as a retailer engaged in business in this state, it is presumed that the dealer is the retailer of the firearm. In such a case, the dealer would owe sales tax on the total amount of the sales price of the gun, including the Department of Justice fee passed on to the customer and including the dealers service charge. (Section 6007.)

If the out-of-state retailer was engaged in business in this state under section 6203, the California dealer's deliveries for that retailer will not be considered taxable retail sales by the dealer, even if the out-of-state retailer has not registered with the Board as a retailer engaged in business in this state. In such cases, the out-of-state retailer has the duty to collect the use tax under section 6203 and that retailer should collect tax on the invoice price of the firearm plus the dealer's service charges and the Department of Justice fee that is passed on the customer. 10/26/95. (Am. 99–2).

(Note.—On and after January 1, 1999, the Department of Justice fee is not includible in the measure of tax, but all other charges remain subject to tax.)