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120.0000 Automatic Data Processing Services and Equipment—Regulation 1502

Annotation 120.0009

(a) In General

120.0009 Bundled Hardware and Software Maintenance Contract (Optional). A contract for optional hardware maintenance is not a contract for the sale of tangible personal property and no sales or use tax applies to the charge. On the other hand, a contract for software maintenance under which the customer will receive updates or error corrections on tangible media is a contract for the sale of tangible personal property. Furthermore, if a software maintenance contract includes a mandatory charge for consultation, that charge is included in the measure of tax from the sale of the software maintenance contract. Therefore, when a bundled contract includes a software maintenance portion and a hardware maintenance portion, the charge for the hardware portion of the contract is nontaxable. The contract should be prorated between the taxable software maintenance portion and the nontaxable hardware maintenance portion of the contract. 7/15/96. (Am. 2004–2).

(Note.—Regulation 1502 was amended so that beginning January 1, 2003, 50 percent of the charge for optional software maintenance agreements is subject to tax. Prior to that date, generally 100 percent of the charge was subject to tax.)