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Business Taxes Law Guide—Revision 2024

Sales And Use Tax Law

Revenue and Taxation Code

Division 2. Other Taxes
Part 1. Sales and Use Taxes
Chapter 4. Exemptions

Article 1. General Exemptions

Section 6356.6

6356.6. Timber harvesting equipment. (a) There are exempted from the taxes imposed by this part the gross receipts from the sale of, and the storage and use of, or other consumption in this state of, equipment and machinery designed primarily for off-road use in commercial timber harvesting operations, and the parts thereof, that is purchased for use by a qualified person to be used primarily in harvesting timber.

(b) The State Board of Equalization may adopt emergency regulations to specify equipment and machinery exempted by this section, and may revise those regulations from time to time.

(c) For purposes of this section, "qualified person" means any person engaged in commercial timber harvesting.

(d) (1) Notwithstanding any provision of the Bradley-Burns Uniform Local Sales and Use Tax Law (Part 1.5 (commencing with Section 7200)) or the Transactions and Use Tax Law (Part 1.6 (commencing with Section 7251)), the exemption established by this section does not apply with respect to any tax levied by a county, city, or district pursuant to, or in accordance with, either of those laws.

(2) Notwithstanding subdivision (a), the exemption established by this section does not apply with respect to any tax levied pursuant to Section 6051.2 and 6201.2, or pursuant to Section 35 of Article XIII of the California Constitution.

(e) The exemption provided by this section shall be effective starting September 1, 2001.

History—Added by Stats. 2001, Ch. 156 (AB 426), in effect August 7, 2001, operative September 1, 2001. Stats. 2011, Ch. 727 (AB 242), in effect January 1, 2012, deleted ", unless the State Board of Equalization determines that implementation by that date is not feasible, in which case the board shall, on or before that date, report to the Legislature regarding the reasons why it must delay implementation, and shall thereafter implement the exemption provided by this section no later than October 1, 2001" after "September 1, 2001" in subdivision (e).