News Releases – 2018

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The latest information on rates and fees, refund and relief opportunities, special exemptions, new tax programs and changes in current ones.

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Archive Special Notices

Updates on Sales and Use Tax, issued quarterly, with supplemental articles and annual indexes.

An annual publication that previews new legislation and includes articles of interest on existing tax and fee programs.

This semiannual newsletter has the latest tax and fee information to help you advise your clients and prepare their returns more effectively.

We developed these Public Service Announcements (PSAs) to help our customers and stakeholders be aware of upcoming events and outreach opportunities throughout California.

Click the links below to hear the PSA for the upcoming event near you.

Upcoming Events

04/04/2018 – Long Beach Small Business Seminar (30) (Script) (Video)

04/03/2018 – Apple Valley Small Business Seminar (30) (Script) (Video)

03/06/2018 – Glendora Small Business Seminar (30) (Script) (Video)

02/21/2018 – Camarillo Small Business Seminar (30) (Script) (Video)

02/16/2018 – Chula Vista Small Business Seminar (30) (Script) (Video)

01/30/2018 – Cypress Small Business Seminar (30) (Script) (Video)

01/25/2018 – EL Monte Small Business Seminar (30) (Script) (Video)

01/23/2018 – Oakland Small Business Seminar (30) (Script) (Video)