Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Fee Registration Information

Who is required to register?

The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) annually identifies the feepayers subject to the Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Fee; each feepayer’s market share; and the amount of fee to be billed to each feepayer. The CDPH notifies the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration (CDTFA) whom to register and bill. The CDTFA then issues notices of determinations (billings) that are due and payable on April 1st for the preceding calendar year.

A fee is imposed on manufactures and other persons formerly, presently, or both formerly and presently engaged in the stream of commerce of lead or products containing lead, or who otherwise are responsible for identifiable sources of lead, which have significantly contributed historically, currently contribute, or both have significantly contributed both historically and currently to environmental lead contamination.

The Childhood Lead Poisoning and Prevention feepayers are:

  • Childhood Lead – Architectural Coatings (CA)
  • Childhood Lead – Motor Vehicle Fuel Distributors (CL) and
  • Childhood Lead – Lead Releasers (CO).

Contact the CDPH Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Branch for additional registration information.

There is no online registration with the CDTFA.