Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

The California Department of Tax and Fee Administration (CDTFA) accepts tax or fee payments electronically, rather than through the use of paper checks. Known as EFT payments (for "electronic funds transfer"), these payments are made by authorizing a financial institution to transfer money from your bank account to the State's bank account electronically, thus eliminating the use of paper checks. Such payments can be initiated by telephone.


All special taxes accounts whose average monthly tax or fee payments equal or exceed $20,000 are required to participate in the EFT program. Each qualifying account will be notified in writing by CDTFA of their mandatory EFT status. You must continue to make tax or fee payments electronically for a mandatory EFT account until you are notified in writing of your eligibility to withdraw from the program.

If your organization has more than one account with CDTFA and you are required to make payments by EFT for one of the accounts, you are not required to pay by EFT for your other CDTFA accounts, unless you have specifically been notified otherwise.

If you are not required to make your tax or fee payments through EFT, you may choose to do so on a voluntarily basis after contacting CDTFA and completing an Authorization Agreement for Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) (CDTFA-555-ST) for each special taxes account.

Payment Options

There are four payment options.

Contact Information

If you have questions or want additional information, please see our list of EFT Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's), refer to Publication 89ST, EFT Quick Reference Guide, or call the appropriate section for your tax or fee program listed below between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Pacific Time, Monday through Friday.

California Department of Tax and Fee Administration
Special Taxes and Fees
PO Box 942879
Sacramento CA 94279-0088
Telephone 1-800-400-7115