Occupational Lead Poisoning Prevention Program Registration Information

Who is required to register?

This fee is charged to employers in specific Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes to support the Occupational Lead Poisoning Prevention Program, which is administered by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH).

The fee was established by Senate Bill 240 (Statutes of 1991) adding section 105185, et seq. to the Health and Safety Code.

As an employer, you are liable for the fee if your business:

  • Is in an industry category that has been identified as having a potential for occupational lead poisoning,
  • Had lead or lead-containing materials present in the business operation during the previous calendar year, and
  • Had ten or more employees who each were employed for 160 hours or more in California during the previous calendar year—whether or not an individual employee's specific job involved exposure to lead or lead-contaminating materials.

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